MyDiary is an assisted living management package for people with special needs. Consisting of a PC application for use in the client's living accommodation, a web management application, and a web portal for access by the client's family/social care provision, it has revolutionised care for clients and care workers.

In 2009 Ovic were approached by the The Care Division Ltd to develop a new kind of monitoring application for high dependency care. There was nothing like it in the marketplace, and The Care Division had a strong vision of where they wanted to go.

Starting with storyboarding and an outline specification, we developed a prototype version of MyDiary, which went live with the first 3 clients in early 2011. It was an immediate success: the information available to clients, care workers and supervisors was better, more relevant and much more easily available. The Care Division soon wanted to extent the pilot to a wider range of clients.

As MyDiary was rolled out in more and more clients locations new ideas for enhancements and improvements kept appearing. We evaluated these for impact and difficulty, and helped the Care Division to prioritise what would be next. Feedback from users enabled us to constantly improve the product.

Early versions of the web software were starkly functional - we redeveloped the appearance of the frontend whilst keeping the underlying functionality the same.

The application grew far beyond early expectations. Alongside feature improvements we worked in performance, scalability and manageability improvements to accommodate the rapidly growing user base.

The application was extended to allow access to client's parents and to selected social services support with a new web front end.

More recently, we've integrated Voice over IP, and developed a prototype Android front end. Now that the core myDiary service is a mature, stable product we continue to provide support and hosting as well as integrating new functionality.