Toyota Motorsport websites

Toyota Motorsport needed a provider who could provide responsive, flexible service.

The Toyota Motorsport site is the portal site for the Toyota Saloon car racing team. There's a lot of frequently changing content in multiple languages. They needed a site that could be updated quickly and easily.

Toyota just want to concentrate on the content, without the CMS getting in the way. We handle the upgrade of the CMS when needed, and deal with the problems version changes can bring.

When Toyota needed the site to be mobile friendly, we were able to reskin the site to maintain the existing established design and still integrate mobile friendly CSS & page composition. The site scales and recomposes cleanly with changing screen sizes and minimises bandwidth use for mobile devices.

As well as providing page design and hosting we provide responsive support services. CMS version changes, hosting server updates and security are all monitored closely. A high profile site in the motor racing sector attracts a lot of attention, not all of it welcome. We monitor for attacks and respond as the need arises.